What exactly are noise and vibration?

Hamilton II, CNB 117, photo Nicolas Claris

Vibrations can be caused by diesel engines, generator sets, power trains, propellers, pumps, etc., but also by waves—transmitted through the (hull of the ship) ship structure.

Noise is the product of sound waves that can either create pleasant, harmonious conditions—for instance, in the form of music—or cause annoyance which can in turn induce stress and irritability. 

NOVIMA focuses its complete attention on this correlation and reduces the levels of noise and vibration according to the client’s wishes. Human well-being in terms of a harmonious sound environment is usually not achieved by simply reducing the level of noise, because even noise perceived as being quiet can produce unpleasant feelings.

The NOVIMA approach goes a step further and transforms noise reduction into sound design. Sound design is noise reduction combined with vibration changes, whereby the noise environment is converted into the ideal sound environment so that you can live in harmony with your surroundings.

NOVIMA—people in harmony with their yachts!