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The NOVIMA product range—your benefits at a glance:

  • Modular, interchangeable products for effective results
  • Cost efficiency through competitive prices and high product performance
  • Innovative products that conform to state-of-the-art yacht construction practices
  • Top quality through NOVIMA quality assurance
  • Plus NOVIMA expert advice!

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With the NOVIMA product range we offer you products that represent our 25 years of experience in the field of noise and vibration optimization. 

To create an optimal sound design onboard your yacht, it’s necessary to take into consideration all interdependencies between the sources of indirect and direct noise and vibration as well as the possible optimization measures. As our experience has made us aware of the large significance of these complex interdependencies, we have put together all of the NOVIMA products in such a way that modular, integrated solutions can be realized. So you benefit by having the peace of mind in knowing that the products you are using will also produce the desired results.

Our product recommendations always following this guiding principle: products should be selected that can be applied as close as possible to the source of noise and vibration in order to increase efficiency and reduce costs. An analysis and evaluation is required to choose the optimal products for your usage scenario. We’ll be happy to perform this service for you.