About us

For us at NOVIMA noise and vibration optimization on board ships and yachts is more than reducing the levels of noise and vibration. Our solutions aim to create sound designs which suit the character of the yachts as well as meet the demands of the owners and shipyards.

Our more than 25 years of experience optimizing noise and vibration levels on board ships and yachts provides us with the expertise for creating successful sound designs. In terms of a psychoacoustic-oriented understanding of quality, we constantly focus on the needs of our clients.

An individual sound design, tailored to the client’s needs is the result of a harmonious composition of highly-developed technical precision, suitable materials for achieving the desired results and expert installation of the materials—and sometimes even an appreciation of music.

Human hearing is more than the mechanical phenomenon of transmitting and receiving sound waves. Hearing in terms of pleasant sounds is a sensory and individual experience, which with regard to perception can vary from person to person. While the sounds caused by an air conditioner or the sonorous sound of a propulsion engine do not bother some people, these sounds have a strong negative impact on the well-being of others. NOVIMA provides the know-how and the products for creating an individual sound design onboard ships and yachts. On request, we will also perform a professional installation of the products.

NOVIMA is constantly researching new concepts for sound designs onboard ships and yachts. We leverage technical possibilities and develop new approaches. However, in everything we do, we always focus on people and their needs onboard ships and yachts.